After you've determined the area or areas which will undergo surveillance, it's important to set up the security system properly. A poor installation won't get you any results, and if you've never had any experience with electronics, it would be best to have a professional handle the job.


Your security camera system is an investment and one that should be maintained to keep it in good condition. We recommend to schedule regular system maintenance to protect your investment and ensure that you’re getting the best performance out of your security system.

Web access

You may want a camera that can be accessed via the Web. You’ll be able to see the yard, the front door or the patio from the screen of your iPhone or laptop computer.

Indoor Camera With Night Vision

Our indoor security camera with night vision is installed for you by Guardian's professional technician, and is easy for you to re-position on your own at any time thanks to its portability and design.

Low-Light Viewing

The lower a camera’s lux rating, the better it can see in the dark for night vision application. For viewing in total darkness, look for 0 lux with built-in IR illuminators, advises Darrel Hauk, president and CEO of Channel Vision.

Rain resistance

Some cameras are better than others at handling the rain. If your IP camera will be fully exposed to the elements, look for a waterproof rating of 65.

24 Hours of Recording

Security camera , security system and video recording system , commonly known as the English term for DVR (Digital Video Recording ) Come visit our showroom system monitoring and surveillance cameras at 143 Cremazie west in Montreal , Quebec, H2N 1L5. At 24VS. Our staff has many years of experience not only in installing your security cameras system monitoring and video recording or DVR .


It can be difficult to route the necessary cabling to the planned location of an outdoor security camera. Even wireless models still require power. Look for a camera that requires as little wiring as possible.