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    Most organizations attract large number of visitors. These visitors include customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, competitors, government officers, guests, friends, relatives and sometime completely unknown people. We need to stop some visitor at reception whereas some visitors should have access to specific areas, offices and labs in the building. Further, some visitors are for short duration, whereas others can stay for days or weeks. In addition, the security is expected to keep track of all the visitors and the equipment they carry. Any lapse can compromise security and safety of physical, intellectual and human assets. No wonder, managing visitors’ access is challenging for most organizations.

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    Matrix COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management is designed to address these concerns in a professional and systematic method without compromising security, hospitality or productivity. COSEC CENTRA Visitor Management (VMM) is a part of the comprehensive Matrix COSEC access-control and time-attendance application suite and runs independently on the COSEC CENTRA.




    Visitor Management Process




    Key Features

    Visitor Pre-Registration

    A host can pre-register his visitor online to save hassle and time during the visit. COSEC offers a pre-registration page on the ESS where the host can enter visitor details, including name, organization, date, time, purpose, etc. Security would know all the pre-registered visitors for the day and keep visitor passes ready saving precious time for everyone.


    Most organizations use security staff to manage visitors. Security staff change frequently and are not very computer savvy leading to training issues. COSEC Visitor Management is a desktop application with very user friendly GUI helping security person to learn and operate quickly.